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I’m so thrilled to be co-hosting an exciting livestream event, “Your Vote, Your World” this Saturday, October 24th, in order to get out the vote! It’s going to be a great broadcast, featuring notables such as Vice President Al Gore, actors Don Cheadle & Kal Penn, musicians Dave Matthews & Questlove, and journalist/conservationist Ashlan Cousteau.

Read more about it here:

The stream will air on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel and, starting at 1:00pm ET.

UPDATE: The livestream was a resounding success and thousands of voters made a solid plan to get out and vote! Here are a few brief clips of my part of the broadcast:

Many thanks to my co-host Danni and to the entire Empire Entertainment team — We did it! I hope everyone at home also did their part and participated in the democratic process; see you all again next time!


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