Every now and then, a sweet soul will send me something in the mail – a product to test out, a bit of fan art, or some cute clothes to try on. Whenever that happens, I usually make a video, or take some pictures in gratitude, like the video below:


But occasionally, I’ll get an email/tweet/direct message asking not just for my mailing address, but also asking if there’s anything in particular that I want! Well when that happens, in the past I’ve always bashfully demurred, but usually that has meant the inquirer would just send me something anyway, not knowing what my preferences are. Of course, all gifts are gratefully received, but I got to thinking – what if I had an online list of things I am wishing for, to make it easier (and less awkward hehe) for everyone?

And thus was born my Amazon Wish List: (Please click here to go straight to my list on Amazon).

I feel a bit shy posting this list, but hopefully I won’t be judged too harshly. Many thanks to everyone who has so generously sent me gifts in the past; they are greatly appreciated!



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