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It’s always such a pleasure announcing for competitions, and this past US Expo was no exception! From meeting all of the students and hearing their stories and about their projects creating sustainable change around the world, to that breathless moment when I got to announce the winners, I treasure my memories in Kansas City.

BIG congratulations to Brigham Young University Hawaii – the new Enactus US Champions! Their program, Rice Up, helps poor farmers in the Philippines streamline their family businesses, improve their agricultural practices, and connect directly with buyers. This has resulted in a 250% increase in participating farmers’ profits – making a HUGE difference in their quality of life, and by extension, creating ripples of growth throughout their communities.

Please check out their web site, for more details, watch their trailer video below, and support them on their journey to the World Cup this Fall, in San Jose. And check out for more info on the competition, and all the other students from around the globe, who are challenging each other to do the most good!


Adesina (Desi)


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