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After a several-months-long hiatus, Awaken Inspire  Create is BACK! And this time, we are featuring super-talented musician Leni Stern, as we take a sneak peak behind the scenes of her latest album, Jelell.

As the first show I have ever produced on my own, Awaken Inspire Create, or AICTV for short, is truly a labor of love. With this series, I strive to bring you inspiring stories from real artists and innovators from all walks of life, so that you can be motivated to greater creativity in your own lives. And this second episode is no exception.

IMG_0364webA kind and generous soul whose art knows no geographical boundaries, Leni Stern has traveled far and wide throughout her celebrated career. Her new album is centered around the sounds of the Senegalese drum, and continues her legacy of creating music for the world that is both timeless and timely, with its melody and message. As the refrain from one of the songs off her album goes, “It doesn’t matter how many times you’re defeated, it’s about how many times you get back up!”  Wisdom we can all take to heart.

Please check out her interview above, chock full of behind the scenes footage of her recent recording session for the album, and please be sure to “Like” the video on YouTube and share it with friends and anyone who loves good music. Leni’s new album Jelell comes out November 26th, and you can find out more about her on her web site,

And please visit our show site at for more info on what we do, past episodes, and to suggest guests for upcoming videos.

Thank you so much for watching and big hugs!

– Desi


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