These livestreams were broadcast directly from Adesina’s home TV studio in New York City. Scroll down to watch each video separately and to see links to the original livestreams where available. And feel free to contact Adesina here if you would like to hire her as a virtual TV host for your event or program.

Home TV studio specs:
– 2 camera setup: 4K livestream camera & HD DSLR for pre-records.
– 5 professional microphones: 2 podcast mics for live interviews and/or voiceovers, 1 USB lavalier for livestreams, 1 gaming headset for livestreams, 2 XLR lavaliers for pre-records.
– 7 pro LED daylight lights for full illumination including 4 background lights for backdrops.
– Teleprompter
– 3 backdrops: black, white, and greenscreen.

In this playlist:

Enactus World Cup 2021
Original livestream (Register through Nov 21, 2021 to view):
Adesina’s selected clips:



Gaming Arena By Intel
Original livestream:…
Adesina’s selected clips:


Your Vote Your World 2020
Original livestream: No longer available
Adesina’s selected clips:


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